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Why invest in Istria?

The Istrian peninsula is the jewel of the Mediterranean and the largest peninsula in the Adriatic sea. Adorned with fabulous unspoilt nature, crystal sea, medieval towns, rich cultural heritage and excellent cuisine.


The climate is mediterranean with warm and dry summers and mild and pleasant winters. The average air temperature in the coldest period is of 6 °C, and the warmest of 30 °C. The lowest sea temperature is in March about 10 °C, and the highest in August with average of 24 °C.


Located in the northeastern part of the Adriatic sea, Istria has a very favorable geographic position, almost in the heart of Europe and has always represented the bridge while connecting the Middle European continental area with the Mediterranean. The development of road,rail, maritime and air transport has enabled good transport connections with the rest of Croatia and with the most important European centers, such as: Trieste 50 km, Venice 200 km, Ljubljana 130 km, Vienna 500 km, Munich 530 km, Paris, London, Budapest, Prague etc.


The Istrian economy is very diverse. Istria is traditionally the most visited touristic region in the Republic of Croatia. It has developed manufacturing, construction, commerce, sea fishing and fish farming, agriculture and transportation. Istria is a region located in the upswing of its development cycle. The strategic geographical position, preserved natural resources, stability of regional policy and cooperation with many regions abroad make it an attractive destination for foreign investments.


Wine is inseparable part of the identity of Istria. Besides Malvasia and Teran, typical inidgenous varieties there are very good Muscat wines, Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc and Gris, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. Istrian is one of the few wine regions in Europe that provide high performance both in white and red wines.
Olive oil is the symbol of the Mediterranean, health and gastronomic delight. It has unusual bitter flavor, exceptional aroma, and is great seasoning to various dishes and is the most valuable fat in the human diet. It is used as a mean for body care but also as a cure for various ailments therefore it is often called the elixir of life. In the recent years Istria concquered Croatia and Europe with its great extra vergine olive oils.


Istria is homeland of white and black truffles, superb culinary delight that is hidden under the ground. Levied at night, in the autumn and winter months and since there is no overhead plants man can only find it with the help of specially trained dogs. Motovun forest, which is located in the central part of Istria and the Mirna river, is the most famous site of truffles. Here the soil is moist and vegetation in the forest includes several types of oak wood that live in symbiosis with truffles. From September to November in Istria are held Days of Truffles where truffle is celebrated as part of the Istrian cuisine.


Fishing, an acitivity that includes catching and breeding fish, molluscs, crustaceans and other marine organisms, processing the catch in the food and industrial purposes and trade in fish and fishery products, is one of the oldest and most promising branches of the Istrian economy. Fishing has been always in Istria an important source of nutrition of its people. Today, more attention is paid to further growth and development of its industry, which is one of the oldest human activities. In numerous taverns and restaurants throughout the Istrian peninsula can be tasted various dishes prepared from freshly caught fish and other marine animals.