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Useful Information

How can EU citizens buy and invest in Croatia?
EU citizens can freely buy real estates/property in Croatia (building land, houses, villas, hotels...),except agricultural land and property that are within national parks and nature reserves and other protected property..

How can non EU citizens and Russian citizens buy property in Croatia?
Non EU citiens and Russian citiens can buy property in the Republic of Croatia according to the principle of reciprocity i.e. under the same conditions as Croatian citizens can acquire property in their country.
For most citizens is required the usual procedure: or is to be bought without obstacles or with permission of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Croatia.

Can EU citizens or non EU citizens open companies in Croatia?
Yes, EU citiens or non EU citizens may open a company in Croatia. With that company they can buy property, sell, rent, build real estates for market as well as Croatian citizens.
The cost of documentation for opening the company is approximately 1.000 euro, and stock capital can be from 20.000 kuna (approx. 2.600 euro) and more to be later transferred to the account of the company.

How much is the annual cost of maintaining the company?
The annual cost for maintaining the company depends on how the company operates and which are business activities. The minimum cost can be 100 euro/month.

What are the costs in purchasing the real estate and what are the costs when selling real estate in Croatia?
When purchasing the buyer pays to the agreed price the additional costs of:
- Agency fee,usually 3% + VAT (since not defined legally),
- Notary and advocate costs for the contract of 1% + VAT,
When selling property, the seller pays only to the agreed price the cost of agency fee, which in general is of 3% + VAT, (since not defined legally), or upon agreement.

How goes the process of purchasing real estates in Croatia?
After the buyer decided to buy a real estate, purchase agreement is made in which are defined all conditions of purchasing the real estate (name of buyer, name of seller, type of real estate, price, ways of payment...).
After the agreement is done the main contract is authenticated at the notary public. Buyer does not authenticates his signature, only seller is obliged to authenticate his signature.
This authenticated signature is sent to the Land registry for registration of property rights.

How long does it take to be registered in the Land registry?
If documentation is regular and complete it can take 2-3 days but in practice it takes usually 7 working days.

Can I rent the property I bought and how much money could I earn for the appartment that I paid 100.000 euros and that has 50 m2?
The real estate is free for rent depending on location, one can earn from 4.000 euro to 7.000 euro.

How much are the average costs for an appartment of approx. 50 m2?
Additional costs range approx 50 euro/month.

How much tax do I have to pay for the appartment of approx 50 m2?
Income property tax is approx 120 euro/year.

How can I be sure that I'm investing in right thing?
R.E.N. NEKRETNINE d.o.o. has access to analitical tables made by experts of reputable companies that work on market exploration in order to show us the real situation regarding the real estate market.

Can I have a guarantee that my investment will return in future, let's say in next five years?
No, but it can be confirmed that for example in Istria, real estate market is more dynamic because demand is greater than offer. Thanks to its position Istria is very interesing, since it is close to Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Germany but also because of the climate. From these data it can be confirmed that this trend will continue in the following ten years.

When I had to buy an appartment I would like to be sure that no modern building will be constructed in front of my property which would diminish the value of my real estate?
When the subject offer is made real estate documentation is sent to your lawyer who explains to you all details you are interested in and eventually all future developments that foresee the value of your property.

After having paid deposit in amount of 10% of the purchase price can I change my mind?
In case one would withdraw the paid amount of deposit would be lost. In some cases, especially in newbuilding there is possibility to send a draft of the contract before formalizing the purchase.

Is it possible to know if there are to be done some other works in the appartment before the deposit is paid?
Yes. An expert will explain to you in detail which works are needed to be done in longterm or short term period.

In case I buy the real estate what guarantee do I have that the building is constructed properly?
Contractor is obliged to give 2 year guarantee for installations (plumbing and electrical installation) and 10 year guarantee for building stability, roof and facade.

To whom I may speak reagarding the appartment control when I'm not in Istria?
We offer services for appartments management, which includes registration of the appartment in the borough, registration of utilities, monthly control of the house, mail collecting and eventually paying bills.

Do you offer renting services or could you recommend us some reliable firms?
Yes, we collaborate with specialized partners that offer services of renting and we can put you in touch with them.